Think SAP is Not Right for SMEs Like You? Think Again.

Think SAP is Not Right for SMEs Like You? Think Again.

Think SAP is Too Big for You? Think Again.

Running your business is not easy. You need the right tools including a software that fits your business. And nothing else could help you run your business better than a software that’s made specifically for businesses of your size. If that’s the case, you might think of omitting SAP from the list of your options especially if you’ve been told that SAP is only for large companies. Well, let us tell you how 250,000 small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) know better. Below are some facts that dispel the myth that SAP is only for large companies.

More than 80% of 310,000 SAP customers across 25 industries in 190 countries belong to small to mid-sized market. Well of course you could always argue that this percentage may not be accurate since different countries may have different definitions of an SME. But by looking at the Philippine market alone, the pattern is actually similar. Figures show that 900 of more than a thousand clients as of 2015 are SMEs. That’s more than 80% as well!
SAP has a suite of several applications addressing different company sizes. Although it’s true that the first customers of SAP are large enterprises, SAP in 2002 started offering a solution, SAP Business One, tailor-fitted to SMEs. SAP Business One automates and integrates all the core business processes common to SMEs – accounting and financials, inventory, sales, purchasing, and basic production – truly a single solution to help you manage an SME’s business.
You don’t need “big” skills and “big” investment to implement and run SAP Business One. Read on to the next parts for more on this.

Think SAP is Too Complicated for You? Think Again.

Perhaps you’ve also been told that SAP is too complex such that in order to implement, run, and maintain it, you’ll need an army of developers, technical consultants, and IT personnel. However, the facts tell a different story. The function of SAP Business One, after all, is to simplify and not to complicate. Below are some reasons why.

The first SAP solutions took long time to implement which could have contributed to the notion that SAP is too complex to implement. Although there’s some truth to it, SAP Business One is clearly an exemption. You can go live in as fast as 15 days with SAP Business One!

Ease of use is another factor that needs to be considered when assessing complexity of a software. SAP Business One has more than 12 million users worldwide that continues to grow year on year. That in itself can attest to how user friendly SAP Business One is.

Reports form critical part of a company’s decision-making process. Reports preparation is what makes the process much more complex. Good thing, reporting is such a breeze with SAP Business One. Reports are built in Crystal Reports, a self-guided report-writing tool that empowers any user, with or without technical background, to create company-specific reports on top of standard reports inside SAP Business One.

In summary, SAP Business One reduces the complexity of a business by introducing a neatly- designed system of workflows. This makes the entire business operations more efficient.

Think SAP is Too Complicated for You? Think Again.

The greatest myth perhaps about SAP is that it’s way too expensive and your business cannot afford it. Yes this can be true but only if you choose the wrong fit. We mean come on, SAP ECC is not for SMEs like you so never choose ECC for a start. SAP Business One is the way to go. Let us tell you why.

Where software is concerned, cost is a direct function of the time needed to implement the software. The longer the time to implement, the more expensive it becomes. As SAP Business One can be implemented faster, investment is also expected to be cheaper.

License fees which mean huge upfront investment could also hurt your pockets, right? Well fret One is now available on cloud, meaning you can simply “rent” the solution at minimal monthly fees, instead of buying it at huge one-time cost.

To learn more about SAP Business One, you may request a demo or browse the SAP Business One product page.


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