Starter Guide: ERP for Startups and Small Companies

Starter Guide: ERP for Startups and Small Companies

Size Doesn’t Matter

Being small does not have to be a barrier to success. Every business owner must make the choice to grow their business or stay small. When it comes to expanding customer base, the size of a company doesn’t really matter. After all, great product and quality service, both imperative to winning customers, are not always a function of company size. More than anything else, it is a function of how efficient and productive the company’s people and processes are. Although startups and small companies pale in comparison to larger competitors in terms of employee count, they could still win over larger competition by employing the right tools that boost productivity and efficiency. Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your company is one key step towards achieving productivity and efficiency that will ultimately bring your business to greater heights. Your larger competitors have ERP in place, so what’s stopping you from getting one for your business?

Grow Beyond Accounting Software

Accounting, being every company’s backbone, is a critical business area that requires efficient management. When the backbone collapses due to mismanagement, the whole business structure will follow suit. If only every business runs on accounting alone, an accounting software will be more than sufficient. However, there’s more to a business than just accounting. Generally, a business will have several processes such as sales, purchasing and operations, inventory and warehouse management, service management, and production and materials planning, among others. These are just too much, more than any accounting software can handle. Sure you can retain your accounting software, as you may already have an existing one by now, and just implement separate solutions for the other areas of your business. You can do this if your business operates in silos, which is never the case. Your business is an integration of multiple processes that function as one. Integration is necessary for your business so you need a single integrated solution that will help you manage all your business processes. In other words, you need ERP.

SAP Business One: ERP for Startups and Small Companies

An ERP from SAP helps you manage your financials, sales and customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, purchasing, and operations with the flexibility to grow with your business. Yes you read it right, SAP, that same software which you probably think is only for the large companies. (Read: Think SAP is Not Right for SMEs Like You? Think Again.) SAP offers an affordable solution tailor-fitted to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) with localization to support every country’s unique requirement. The solution is called SAP Business One aptly named as it creates one single view of your whole business. As if that’s not enough, SAP introduced an even cheaper version called SAP Business One starter package to cater to the needs of startup and small companies. Companies which have 5 users or less can now run their business with an ERP solution without having to worry about overshooting budget and waiting too long until implementation gets completed. With SAP’s and AGS’ proven implementation methodology, you can be up and running in as fast as 12 days—in the cloud or on your own premises—the choice is yours.


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