IT Leadership And Growth-Limiting Challenges For Midsize Businesses Part 2

IT Leadership And Growth-Limiting Challenges For Midsize Businesses Part 2

How to turn “we can’t” into “we can”

The more data-rich and analytics-driven that embedded and intelligent technologies become, the greater the opportunity for IT to play a critical role in enabling business growth, rather than limiting it.

But first, IT leaders must make a case for shifting attention away from short-term solutions to a more thoughtful conversation about digital transformation.. Only then can IT effectively support , business leaders and embrace the business capabilities and process simplicity that they want.

How can technology leaders foster this business transformation conversation? IDC research indicates five best practices that have been successful for those from best-run midsize businesses:

  1. Become an active leader of digital transformation by following a centralized approach that eliminates existing silos and prevents new ones from forming.
  1. Strengthen ties with internal business partners with ongoing communication as well as collaborative planning, funding, and review efforts.
  1. Align interest in next-generation intelligent technologies – including digital assistants – with the need to infuse artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout the IT architecture to support improved data management and analytics-driven decision-making.
  1. Assign dedicated data intelligence and governance staff to empower people to make decisions that drive company-wide agility and adaptability.
  1. Prioritize investments in partner solutions that augment the expertise, skills, and capabilities of the internal IT team and already-deployed applications.

Engaging in such a collaborative partnership between IT and the business can make the prospect of digital transformation less overwhelming for everyone in the boardroom. Business leaders will appreciate the advantages of ensuring cybersecurity of organizational data and simplifying and integrating the application landscape company-wide. And the next time a strategic and digitally dependent idea arises, IT leaders can confidently replace “we can’t” with “we can.”

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