Finding comfort and guidance in disruptive times

Finding comfort and guidance in disruptive times

MORE AND MORE industries are facing disruption as digital technologies continue to evolve. Traditional business models are crumbling, and transformation is prevalent in the global economy. Even in the business of providing professional consulting services here in the Philippines, it is “disrupt or be disrupted.” As David R. de Leon, chief operating officer of AGS, an ePLDT company specializing in business management solutions, told BusinessWorld, “There are two worlds: the world as it is now, and the world as it was before.” “The ball game is changing. And we have to be one step ahead of our customers if we’re able to help.”

Mr. de Leon asserted that business consultants now need to adapt quickly to trending technology, building on their existing repertoire of skills and those that have to do with technologies like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain. Given the potential of these innovations to plug the gap between bigger and smaller enterprises in any industry, business consultants need the expertise to help companies that are in various stages of digital transformation and to guide them through the process.

Changing technology, particularly in information and communications, is challenging previously unassailable institutions, transforming the landscape as it does so. Mildred R. Ramos, managing partner for advisory services at Reyes Tacandong & Co., said in an e-mail interview: “The industry and their clients have to seriously examine their assumptions about their relative competitive positioning.” “To give a specific example, information and communications technology used to be a formidable barrier to entry. But nowadays, regions and countries that had deficient infrastructure are leapfrogging because they have no legacy investment to worry about in the first place and are acquiring modern products and processes that are far cheaper and more productive.”


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