AGS to deploy SAP solution in Kenny Rogers, Seattle’s Best Coffee

AGS to deploy SAP solution in Kenny Rogers, Seattle’s Best Coffee

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Epicurean Partners Exchange Inc. (EPEI), the local franchisee of Kenny Rogers Roasters and Seattle’s Best Coffee, recently tapped ePLDT subsidiary ABM Global Solutions (AGS) to implement SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system to manage the operations of its expanding chain of restaurants across the Philippines.

EPEI is anticipating the benefits of more streamlined operations and more efficient delivery of data that will enable them to make better and faster decisions for the benefit of its customers and ultimately the company itself.

“I think perfect information whenever you need it is essential, so anything that can help Epicurean go to the next level should be seriously considered. We need to operate at the same level of efficiency of much larger companies,” said EPEI president Frederick Siy.

“We are excited for this partnership of assisting the Epicurean group to become even more successful, more competitive and to create more value for their stakeholders through this milestone project with AGS and our partner — SAP,” said ePLDT Group COO and AGS president Nerisse Ramos during the contract signing ceremony.

“The implementation is one thing but helping EPEI adopt the system is even more important because only in optimizing the benefit of the solution can our customer derive value out of it,” she added.


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